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A smile that has been affected by damage, injury, trauma or severe decay can significantly hinder both dental function and aesthetics. With today’s ever-advancing treatment techniques in the field of dentistry, eliminating the risks of tooth decay and diminishing the pain and discomfort associated with dental damage are more possible than ever before thanks to modernized technology and care.


With over 30 years’ experience in rejuvenating smiles back to their former glory, established dentist, Dr. Steven Greif has the compassion and skill to help preserve natural smiles as much as possible through exceptional restorative dental care services. He provides outstanding dental treatment to individuals throughout the Cedar Rapids and Linn County communities.

Committed to Saving Smiles with Root Canal Therapy in Cedar Rapids

Every tooth’s structure is composed of multiple layers; the protectant outer enamel, the dentin which makes up the majority of the tooth, and the inner-most soft tissue containing a network of nerves known as the pulp. When this internal chamber becomes inflamed due to bacteria entering it either from injury, damage, a failing prior dental procedure, or advanced decay, root canal therapy is designed to save as much of the jeopardized tooth as possible.

If left untreated, pulp infection will worsen, leading to the root dying and the necessity of extraction. Dr. Greif combines his extensive knowledge, experience, and well-equipped, in-office technology to perform root canal therapy effectively and efficiently. Our Cedar Rapids dentist utilizes this form of endodontic treatment as a means to help preserve your natural smile while alleviating any pain or discomfort you may be experiencing.

Performing Gentle Tooth Extractions

To accurately determine the best course of action for your endodontic treatment, Dr. Greif and his team will first verify if the affected tooth or teeth are savable. When an afflicted tooth is beyond repair, extraction may be the most viable solution. Additionally, when teeth are unable to grow into proper alignment, or wisdom teeth are impacted, removal can help restore health and comfort effectively.

If it is determined you or a loved one require tooth extraction, you can rest assured as you are in experienced, caring, and compassionate hands. Our Cedar Rapids team can offer sedation for, particularly nervous patients, allowing for maximized comfort.

Your Reliable Dental Restoration OptionsA woman's smile

The long-lasting success of your custom-crafted prosthetics significantly rely on first establishing optimal oral health. We conduct a thorough examination to look for any underlying issues that may manifest themselves in the mouth. If any concerns such as gum disease or decay are present, we will start effective treatment immediately to eliminate infection and bolster dental health.

At Northeast Family Dentistry, our team provides the following prosthetic treatment options:

Crowns- Dr. Greif utilizes our in-office PLANMECA Emerald Dental Scanner to obtain accurate digital impressions of the area in need of treatment. These images provide a vital blueprint for our porcelain milling machine to craft your completely personalized restorative crowns within a single visit.  

These durable, enamel-colored caps cover the entire surface of the tooth, further preserving its’ natural structure.

Bridges- when several teeth are missing in a row due to prior extraction, our bridge appliances replace the gaps in a short row. Our porcelain bridge prosthetics are used to restore the bite while helping maintain natural face shape.

Dentures & Partials- complete denture prosthetics are an essential option for patients missing teeth in an entire detention. Their partial counterparts are designed for a smile where several teeth remain.

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Ever since purchasing his practice from his childhood dentist in 1990, Dr. Greif’s top priority has been supporting patients’ oral health and overall well-being, and this is reflected in his personalized approach to treatment and patient care. We encourage you to contact our Cedar Rapids office for your restorative consultation!


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