Do You Have a Dental Emergency?



Don't put up with dental pain or a broken tooth!  We can treat most dental emergencies in a timely and painless way.

Are you a patient of NE Family Dentistry with a dental emergency? Do you have an emergency and would like to be a patient at our office?

***Please call the office for an emergency appointment at (319) 364-0472***

For after hours emergencies for patients of Dr. Greif please call or text him directly at (319) 431-1520. If you text him, please identify yourself in the text.

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(319) 364-0472

Dr. Greif Private Emergency Number

(For NE Family Dentistry Patients of Record)

(319) 431-1520

Did you break a piece of your tooth?

Believe it or not, many fractures like the one pictured to the left are not a major emergency (something that needs to be seen immediately).  Most of the time the tooth may be slightly sensitive or sharp to your tongue. Please call right away if you broke a piece of your tooth and it is very sensitive or painful, or if there is any swelling or bleeding.

Regardless of the sensitivity of the tooth- you will want to get the fracture repaired. Please call the office in Cedar Rapids to set up an appointment. Most of the time we can have a permanent restoration placed in a single day-  EVEN A CROWN!

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